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Thematic Lists

Page history last edited by McKay 14 years, 11 months ago

This page houses links to various thematic lists of Snape/Lupin stories that have been compiled. The page will be updated as more thematic lists are compiled.



Each list focuses on stories that contain a particular theme (or themes, since there will be some overlap) with Snape/Lupin as the primary pairing.


Alternate Universe - stories set in an alternate, non-HPverse environment.


Amnesia - a list of SS/RL story recs featuring memory loss. 


Betrayal - stories in which either Snape or Lupin betray each other in some way.


Comfort Stories - stories chosen by the members of the lupin_snape community as their favorite comfort stories.


Crossovers - stories that include a direct crossover to another book, TV show, movie, etc, or which are direct homages to another book, TV show, movie, etc. 


The Dark Side of Snape/Lupin - a resource list of dark fic and art, compiled by Snegurochka.


Enslaved - Stories in which either Remus or Severus is captured or enslaved.


Faith - stories that focus on Snape and Lupin and spiritual faith of some kind.


Forced Bonding - stories in which Snape or Lupin or both are forced to bond with each other for some reason.


Genre: Mystery - Stories that revolve around a mystery (murder or otherwise) being solved, AUs included.


Holidays - Stories that are set during a holiday and/or feature Snape and Lupin celebrating a holiday.


Like a Virgin - stories in which either Snape or Lupin is a virgin.


Mpreg - stories that focus on either Snape or Lupin carrying a baby.


Novel-length - RL/SS stories that are over 40,000 words long.


Novella-length - RL/SS stories that are between 20,000 and 40,000 words long.


Occlumency/Legilimency - stories in which Occlumency and/or Legilimency play a significant part.


Raising Teddy - RL/SS stories in which raising Teddy is the primary focus.


Threesome: Remus/Severus/Harry - stories featuring the RL/SS/HP threesome.


Threesome: Remus/Severus/Sirius - stories featuring the RL/SS/SB threesome. 


Werewolf Mating - Stories that feature werewolf mating rituals, habits, etc.


Werewolf Pack - stories which deal heavily with werewolf pack dynamics, politics, etc.


Werewolf Snape - stories in which Snape is a werewolf instead of or in conjunction with Lupin. 

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