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Senjy (also known as The Senjou)


Senjy fell into the fandom one night in March 2005. An early hours of the morning surf of the internet had brought her to a very interesting place call Skyehawke. This then led to a place called LiveJournal and the beginnings of Senjy's fandom activities.


Senjy's original journal was called The Senjou, after the novel she was writing at the time. As she gained friends, she gained the nickname "Senjy" and it stuck. Her first fic was Primary Care, which she is still inordinately proud of. She's not completely sure what prompted her to first try her hands at the Snape/Lupin pairing - McKay's fic The Way of the World was one of her initial inspirations - but it was definitely the comments and encouragement from the Snupin community that cemented Snape/Lupin as her long lasting OTP (though Senjy would nowadays describe herself as belonging to the snanyone ship as Severus Snape is a bottoming man-whore, in her humble opinion and fantasies).


Since that start Senjy has veered between being hideously prolific, to struggling with Works in Progress that just won't go away. All in all it's been fun and that's the most important thing. The Snape/Lupin community has continued to be very good to her, hence her still trying to get those Works in Progress completed.


Nowadays her main journal is the fic only journal on Insane Journal, which is imaginatively entitled Senjy. She also has the community Hogwarts CUS which hosts ficlets from a non-magic Snupin AU.




Last Updated: 4 April 2008


Other places Senjy haunts:-


Sen-Jism -- Mirror of Senjy on Live Journal

Senjy -- Mirror of Senjism on Journal Fen


Snark n Bark RPG -- Senjy plays Neville Longbottom and Barty Crouch Jnr


The Senjou on HP Fandom -- archive of Senjy's completed fic

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