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Page history last edited by McKay 14 years, 9 months ago


There are links to mailing lists and messages sent to mailing lists which require registration to access. This page is meant to note significant events in the ship history; this is not the place to note when an individual entered the fandom and began posting stories/art. Personal information of that type should be reserved for an individual author/artist's biography.



With the Snape Slash list gone, the HP Slash mailing list is the best starting point for researching the history of Snape/Lupin in the fandom. The HP Slash list was created on February 2, 2000. The first post is from Chellebelle, who was the creator and moderator at that time.


The first Snape/Lupin story wasn't posted to HP Slash until October 22, 2000: Hunter's Moon, by Majolique.


Three days later on October 25, CM Shaw posted No Choice of Poisons.


Three days after that on October 28, Keelywolfe posted The Subtleties of Loneliness.


And on October 30, Jemisard posted Potions, which is a Remus/Sirius, Remus/Severus piece.


These stories are possibly the first Snape/Lupin stories written; at the very least, they are among the earliest. Interestingly enough, Majolique posted a Snape/Harry story shortly after posting "Hunter's Moon", and Keelywolfe had primarily posted Harry/Ron stories up until then, but it seemed the end of October was destined to see the emergence of Snape/Lupin, at least on HP Slash.


The discussion seems to indicate that CM Shaw's "No Choice of Poison" was inspirational in showing the potential depths of the relationship, which perhaps led to the sudden flurry of stories with a pairing that hadn't been written (on the list, at least) for over 2,000 posts even though there had been Snape/Dumbledore, Snape/James, and other pairings written that are still rare today.


Further investigation reveals the creation date for the Snape Slash list: November 2, 2000. McKay's note: which alleviates my concerns that it pre-dated HP Slash or that the first Snape/Lupin stories might have been posted there rather than HP Slash. The list was created by Jen Faulkner; it was deleted several years later (2005? 2006?), although whether the mod or Yahoo deleted it is unknown.


The first known exclusively Snape/Lupin archive was The Parapet, which was begun and maintained by Eline. It was created in April, 2001, although the exact date has yet to be pinned down. McKay's note: I was able to trace it to April rather than the vague "sometime before October, 2001" I'd been going on before thanks to a post in the HP Slash archives: a message from Eline sent on March 17, 2002, announcing a contest to celebrate The Parapet's one year anniversary in April. I checked 3 different mailing lists - HP Slash, Harry Potter Slash, and Wizard-L - to see if any notification of the site's creation had been given in April, 2001, but there wasn't. I'm guessing there was a post to Snape Slash, which is now lost.


Eline also modded the Lupin Snape Slash mailing list, which was created on October 29, 2001. At the time, she was the only moderator, and it's unknown at this point if there were any other co-mods during that time; lore is a co-moderator now.


The first story posted to the mailing list was Bugger This! (Now and Then), by Eline. It was written in response to Telanu's "Snape is a lousy lay" challenge on the now-deleted Snape Slash list. Technically, it's not a Snape/Lupin story, because she wrote it as a "choose your own Snape pairing" piece.


On November 7, Eline posted the list's first challenge, which involved a possible first line ("You can do that in here!") or the inclusion of one of the following: an eggbeater, Snape's owl and references to (choose one) Shakespeare/Dickens/Austen/Hardy.


The first actual RL/SS story posted to the list was Wicked Game I, by McKay. Part 1 was posted on November 7, and the header information indicates that the Snape Slash Fleet was already well underway by then.


Although it's difficult, probably impossible, to track down an exact date since the list where all the initial posts were made has been deleted, the Snape Slash Fleet was conceived and created in October, 2001, and the original Moonshadow archive was created and maintained by McKay. In 2002, she transferred mod duties of the archive to Sarspasm, who maintained the site until March, 2005, when Xochiquetzl imported all the stories from the old Moonshadow archive to the new automated Moonshadow archive, which remains the primary ship archive.


On December 17, 2001, the Snape N Lupin mailing list was created. The list was created and modded by Viviane/Boadicea; although the reason why she created a new list is unclear, there does seem to be a small difference between this list and Lupin Snape Slash in that Snape N Lupin allows any pairings, het or slash, that feature Snape or Lupin, while Lupin Snape Slash limits content solely to Snape/Lupin (and threesomes).


The Snape N Lupin list began with a great deal of discussion; the first challenge wasn't issued until post 20, and the first actual story (as opposed to links) wasn't posted until post 59: Last Smile, by Viviane.


Although the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest was not an exclusively Snape/Lupin event, it did generate quite a few RL/SS stories, and it was arguably the biggest event in the Snape Slash community of 2002. Run by Tboy and Luthien, the SSFF was launched in March, 2002. On March 8, Tboy posted her statement of intent, and on March 28, the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest was launched. There were two waves in 2002 and a third wave in mid-2003. Due to increasingly strict pornography laws in Australia, the original SSFF archive was taken down, but it was moved and reopened later in a new location with all the stories intact.


This was arguably a groundbreaking event, bringing together Snape slashers of all types and generating a large body of work with new and different pairings. This was one of, if not the earliest organized fest/challenge events in HP slash fandom which generated a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm at the time. It seems to have been the turning point that illustrated the possibilities with rare pairings, and it spawned several other character and pairing specific fests. Indeed, the number of different fests hosted in the fandom appears to have escalated steadily after the success of the SSFF.


On April 7, 2003, Makishef created the Lupin/Snape Lurve Community on Livejournal. The first story posted to the community on April 10 was an untitled drabble by Makishef. Activity was slow initially; the community averaged 2-3 posts per month, and there were no challenges offered at that time. Activity in the community began picking up towards the end of 2003 and early in 2004 with the emergence of familiar names: Arionrhod, lore, the Lady Feylene, the Treacle Tart, Michael Chance, and McKay, among others. In April, 2005, lore became the community's active mod.


During the fall of 2003, Michael Chance began the Master and the Wolf FQF. It appears Michael was collecting challenge suggestions for the first wave of the Fest by September 6 with plans to begin in October and run through the end of November, although it was obviously extended later. The first stories were posted to the archive on October 22: "With My Last Breath" and "Saving Grace", both by Black Onyx Angel. The first wave ended in February, 2004. There have been seven waves to date, in addition to short mini-challenges issued in-between.


In October, 2005, McKay announced the Secret Snupin Santa Exchange, which ran through December 1-25, 2005 on the Lupin/Snape community, and it resulted in over 50 stories and pieces of art. The Snupin Santa exchange returned in 2006 with over 90 participants, and it ran from December 1-31.


One of the biggest, most anticipated events of 2006, was the creation and release of the Lupin/Snape Fan Art Mood Theme, which was a months-long project initially spearheaded by Tabiji. Many different artists volunteered to create or donate a piece for a specific mood until each mood had its own art. Later, the artists were rewarded during a Mood Theme Drabble challenge, in which participants wrote a drabble based on a particular piece of mood theme art. The unveiling of the finalized mood theme occurred on November 30, 2006, with four different sets available to choose from: bordered, bordered with animation, borderless, and borderless with animation.


In 2007, some major changes were made primarily in response to Livejournal's controversial account deletions, known as Strikethrough and Boldthrough. It appeared as if adult content in general and fandom in particular were under scrutiny, and some users either abandoned Livejournal altogether for other journaling services or began maintaining journals on more than one journaling service. Over the summer, the lupin_snape community on Livejournal began mirroring on Insanejournal, and by October, primary mod activity had moved to Insanejournal entirely.


Also in response to the Livejournal controversy, the Snupin Santa 2007 exchange was moved to its own website, with all stories and art being housed at the fest archive; only notifications were posted to Insanejournal. Stories and art from previous years were moved to the fest archive so all Snupin Santa gifts would be in one easily searchable and safe location. There were over 90 participants in the 2007 fest as well, despite the deaths of both Snape and Lupin in book 7, which was released only a couple of months before sign-ups for the fest began.


But the year didn't consist entirely of upheaval. In July, the Snape/Lupin calendar was released for download. This 18 month calendar consists of art and drabbles from Snape/Lupin artists and writers for each month, and it was made available in color or grey scale in various sizes.


One project that was nearly the whole year in the making was Chocolate & Asphodel, the first Snape/Lupin fanzine. Although originally intended to be released in bound print format prior to the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in July, production was delayed, and it was released on November 27 in pdf format instead. It features stories and art that were written and drawn exclusively for the zine and were not available anywhere prior to the zine's release.


In 2008, the Trading Places challenge, in which artists volunteered to draw based on particular stories and writers volunteered to write based on particular art, proved popular to start off the new year. In March, the Snupineer Funtime Activity Project was begun; this project asked shippers to create different things, such as puzzles and games with a Snape/Lupin bent. 


In April, the Lupin-Snape community reached a milestone, celebrating its five year anniversary. 


January, 2009, started off with a bang - literally - with the beginning of the Snape/Lupin Big Bang project. Writers had to create a work of at least 25,000 words, which would be submitted to artists anonymously and illustrated. An fan art 2009 Desktop Calendar was made available for downloading as well.  


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