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Miscellaneous Resources

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Snape/Lupin Miscellaneous Resources:

This is a list of various other compilations and resources that are helpful to Snape/Lupin readers, writers, and artists.



Canon reference material:


Canon references - a list of scenes from the HP books through OotP in which Snape and Lupin appear together. Compiled by Annecatherine.


Lupin references - a list of scenes and references to Lupin in HBP. Compiled by Annecatherine.





Astrological compatibility - Snape and Lupin's relationship astrology.


Crack Broom resource page - a masterlist of fic and art rec'd on LJ's crackbroom comm, along with other helpful links


Every Snupin Ever Written - story by The Treacle Tart and links by Osmalic. An annotated version of The Treacle Tart's story which lists various cliches that appear in RL/SS stories.


Snape/Lupin Resource list - a list of various resources compiled by lore.


Werewolves in HP Fanfiction - a list of stories compiled by painless_j.


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