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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 5 months ago

lore should be doing something else right now for fandom, but fandom is supposed to be fun, so occasionally she lets herself do something like talking about herself in the third person to cash in on the jollies. lore does not uppercase her name, so be prepared.


lore could have come to the Snape/Lupin pairing in the following way:


  • There could have been a time when lore thought all that "Marauder era stuff" was stupid and would only pay attention to the students of HP. It's possible that many someones on her LJ flist were advertising a new RPG repeatedly until she began to consider joining. She could have waited until she was sure all the main characters were gone before writing the mods and saying she would take anyone, expecting Terry Boot or someone inconsequential. And, being that the game was started by het student shippers, she could have been assigned Severus Snape to play.



  • If that had happened, it's easy to imagine that lore might have gone looking for Snape stories for some character guidance, which naturally would have brought her to the Snape FQF. And while that site is a veritable feast of Snape pairings, lore has some deep-seated ideas of shipping that include good guys with good guys, compatibility over opposition, and shared history allowing someone to know the other most intimately. The Snape/Lupin stories would have popped out at her and they might have began eating her brain even before the game could have started.


Or not. lore's never clearly admitted to playing a specific Snape in public, although she has hinted. The wench.


Anyway (lore says that a lot), she quickly burned through the old Moonshadow, the Parapet and the rest of the Snape FQF and then began stalking anyone she could find who might be inclined to write Snape/Lupin. She had always been a lurker and commented on stories rather haphazardly, but then one day she had a brilliant idea: Comment on all Snape/Lupin in as much detail as she could, rec it far and wide, pounce on anyone offering drabbles and drawables, and generally try to be as encouraging as possible and maybe, just maybe, more people would write Snape/Lupin.


Writers and artists put up with lore's obsession focus and were kind in their replies and her confidence grew. All along, she kept looking at the Lupin_Snape LJ community, which was in a bit of a lull, thinking that if the place just had a little TLC, it could be busier, and then there would be even more Snape/Lupin. The mere thought made her swoon. Finally, the day came when lore was brave enough to write the mods of Lupin_Snape and ask if she could help out. They said "yes" (omg), and lore officially came on board as a moderator during the April Showers contest in 2005.


Since then, lore has spent her time challenging, organizing, cajoling, encouraging, betaing, writing, and standing on her head to bring more attention to her ship. She's got a few other little things she could link to here and there, but mostly, she's getting tired of writing this because it feels like a whole lot of bragging when, really, there is no ship without everyone else on board to help sail it.


Actually (lore says that a lot, too), most of this would work better as a history of Lupin_Snape and lore would rather die than actually see this go up as her bio. She'll leave it for now to amuse you, but McKay, don't you dare take this public without deleting this page first. Oy.

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