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Innerslytherin's HP Fandom Timeline


30 June 2002 - Innerslytherin enters the HP fandom as a writer, after months of lurking, with Brothers in Arms and its sequels, written before OotP came out. Six semi-dystopian songfics focusing on Ron, Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and Justin Finch-Fletchley,  posted 30 June, 18 July, 9 September, 2 November, and 28 December of 2002, and 19 February 2003.


30 August 2002 - These Deep Solitudes, a hetfic featuring Remus/OFC, Snape/OFC, where the OFC was Rain McGonagall, Minerva's younger cousin. The last post, chapter 10, is on 27 September 2003.  This fic is not completed after OotP came out.


8 October 2003 - Innerslytherin ventures into the slash genre with my immortal - Remus/Sirius, set just post-OotP, and a songfic.


October 2003 - December 2004 - very dark Draco/Remus series cowritten with Slightlyjillian.


3 March 2004 - Innerslytherin's first Snupin fic is posted.


February 2005 - Innerslytherin begins RPing in Walpurgis Night as the Remus half of a Snupin relationship.


6 February 2005 - Veteran of the Psychic Wars, a Harry-centric genfic, posted.


October 2006 - Innerslytherin begins co-modding Ruat Coelum RPG; the Lupin/Snape ship archive of that game is being reposted.


Since that time, she has written sixteen major Snupin fics, some of them one-shots, a couple of them novel-length, and two (Redemption and Bound Souls) currently unfinished. Current fandom involvement includes playing Remus in Culpae Patria RPG, where Thesnapelyone's Snape and Lupin are mated; Vicious Moon, a First War serial fic co-written with Thesnapelyone; volunteering around the Lupin_snape community on LJ.

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