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Crack Broom resource page

Page history last edited by mechaieh 12 years, 9 months ago

This is a list of authors/artists and works rec'd on the crack_broom comm on LiveJournal so far. A chronological list can be found in the comm's memories.


It was originally compiled by busaikko and has been (hastily) updated by mechaieh as of 24 April 2010. (This being a wiki, please feel free to update it yourself (or to clean up the formatting, etc.) if you have the access and inclination to do so.)


As you can see, there are plenty of excellent fics and art pieces that have yet be rec'd! To volunteer as a rec'er, see the comm's Snape/Lupin signup post. For tips on flying the broom, see lore's notes.


Adrienne: 2004-12 "Careless"

akemia42: 2009-04 VID "Glittering Clouds"

aleoninc: 2007-05 "Dances with Werewolves"[w/schemingreader]; 2007-10 "Red"; 2008-02 "Opposite Sides"

Almost_clara: 2007-10 ART "Transformation"

Amanuensis: 2005-08 "In Spite"

anneline: 2005-08 "Imperfect"; 2007-02 "Apologia"

a_real_phony: 2009-02 ART "While You Were Playing Wizard's Chess"

Argosy: 2010-02 "Thirteen Months"

Argyle S.: 2005-07 "To An Outside Observer"

Arionrhod: 2004-12 "Every Breath You Take"; 2005-04 "Famous Last Words"; 2005-07 "Inside the Rain" (illus. by Ildi); 2008-05 "Another Kind of Fandom Wank" (w/McKay); 2008-07 "It's a Wonderful Life, Severus Snape" (w/McKay), 2008-11 "The Sultan and the Storyteller" (w/McKay); 2009-05 "Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered"; 2009-09 "A Chaos of Deep Passion" (w/McKay); 2009-08 "Compulsion"; 2009-10 "Ghost in the Machine"; 2009-10 "Star Quest: Close Encounters" (w/McKay)

ArsenicJade: 2007-05 "Touch and Go"


bk7brokemybrain: 2010-02 "Head of House"

blpaintchart: 2008-05 "Cracking the Whip"; 2008-09 "Imprisoned"; 2008-10 "Charming Domestic Arrangement"; 2008-11 "Whipping Off the Undies"; 2009-04 "The Best Stays of Our Lives"

blue cage: 2009-01 ART "Strange and Beautiful" 

bluestocking79: 2009-04 "A Bottle of Chocolate Sauce and Thou"

bronze_ribbons (mechaieh): 2007-03 "Placet" series (w/catrinella); 2006-01 "A Face of Faith"; 2007-10 "The Hounding of the Baskervilles"; 2008-07 "Just Like Strangers Here"; 2008-10 "Wax"; 2010-04 "Those I Can Save"

busaikko: 2006-02 "Research & Development" series; 2007-03 "The God of Things as They Ought to Be"; 2006-03 "Double Happiness Masala"; 2007-09 "Nothing"; 2008-02 "Here, Where the World is Quiet"; 2008-04 "Variations on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (w/schemingreader); 2008-08 "As Simple as That"/"The Fire Thief"; 2008-09 "The World, A Book"; 2009-02 "The Voyage of the HMS Leviosa"; 2009-05 "Out of Bedlam"


ca-cha: 2009-03 ART "Kiss me"; 2009-11 "Ten Aprils"

CannonFodder / cannonfodder123: 2008-01 ART "Someone To Watch Over Me"

Carfiniel - see Innerslytherin

catrinella: 2007-03 "Placet" series (w/bronze_ribbons)

cedar: see westernredcedar

celandineb: 2008-03 "Rumors"

chazpure: 2007-03 "Nice Work, If You Can Get It"; 2007-09 "Discretion Assured"; 2009-07 "And Days of Auld Lang Syne"; 2009-08 "Permutations"; 2010-03 "The Howling Moon"

Circe: 2010-02 "Sympathy for the Devil"

Clere: see immortalautumn

Cmshaw: 2005-04 "No Choice of Poisons"

Copperbadge (Sam Vimes): 2005-04 "Transformation"

corvidae9: 2007-11 "An Eternity Spent Moving In Circles"

craww: 2005-10 "Beast, Book and Scandal"

crimes of enoch: 2008-02 ART "'Change' Is Good"

cruisedirector: 2005-08 "Safe Words" series; 2006-01 "Tea and Chocolate"; 2007-02 "The Tumid Courtship"; 2009-02 "Affinity"


dancingskeleton: 2007-07 ART "Blue/Yellow/Orange"

daylyn: 2009-08 "Whiskey in the Night"

dazzleberry (razzberry): 2007-11 "Mountains"

devil_lude: 2008-02 "Bride of the Living Dead Potions Master"

Diana Williams: 2005-12 "Persuasion"

dingochow: 2008-12 "The Secret Sketchbooks of Hebi no Komori"; 2009-02 "The Third Attempt"

Donna Immaculata: 2005-04 "Schlafes Bruder"

Doris: 2010-02 VID "Right Where You Are"

drusillas_rain: 2009-08 "Permutations"

dribom: 2008-02 "Magical Malady" [w/sahiya]

ebonlock: 2007-05 "A Fine Romance"

Ebonyserpent: ART 2007-11 "Sex on the Beach" (+ a link to "A Shocking Discovery")

Ellen Fremedon: 2005-05 "Benediction"; 2005-07 "The Skull Beneath the Skin"

Ellid: 2005-04 "Truth"; 2005-05 "New York Minute"; 2005-07 "Knowledge of Desire"; 2007-01 "Of Mutual Benefit"; 2008-09 "Enchanted Italy"; 2008-10 "War Wounds"; 2009-04 "The Truth About Teddy"; 2010-01 "You Only Live Twice"

etrangere: 2007-06 "The Opposite of Love"

FayJay: 2005-05 "Blue Moon"

Fedzgurl: 2008-03 "Oblivio Persona Inimicus Careo"

fiendling: 2006-12 ART "Get Me Off"

firefly_quill: 2007-11 "Amors Mortis"; 2008-03 "On Music"

Fluffyllama: 2005-11 "The Importance of Being Moony"

Gelitripling: 2005-09 "Heart Palpitations"

Geri_chan: 2008-06 "Always"

Ghot: 2008-03 ART "Ride Me"; 2008-08 ART "Grand Canyon"; 2009-02 ART "Lonely"; 2009-04 ART "Grooming"; 2009-07 ART "The Real Reason Snape's Portrait Wasn't Hung In The Headmaster's Office"; 2010-01 ART illo for "New York Minute"

girl_tarte: 2007-01 "in places where nobody was meant to see"; 2008-08 "nothing here resets the clocks"

Helenish: 2005-08 "Third Time's The Charm"

hiddenfantasy: 2009-08 "A Plan of Seduction"

hogwartshoney: 2008-02 "Between the Lines of Fear and Blame"

Ildi_bp: 2005-09 ART "Candlelight"; "Inside the Rain" (w/Arionrhod)

Imadra_blue: 2008-08 "I Do Not Like Remus Lupin"

Imkalena: 2007-11 "Home Improvement"

immortalautumn: 2008-01 "Modern Love"; 2002-06 "The Morning News"

Innerslytherin: 2007-02 "Kiss Kiss Hex Hex"; 2006-02 "Regions of Kindness"; 2008-02 "Severance Pay"; 2008-10 "Unbroken"; 2009-04 "Life Among the Dead"; 2009-08 "Vigil"; 2010-03 "Something to Remember"

isildurs_babe: 2007-06 "Nevermind the Buzzcocks"

Isis and Brevisse: 2005-07 "Severus Looks in the Mirror"

islandsmoke: 2009-02 "Power Play"; 2009-09 " "What Happened to Percy"; 2009-12 "A Romance"; 2010-04 "One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock"

jedirita: 2007-02 "Methods of Suicide"

jen_deben: 2007-03 "Faint Hope"

Jintian: 2005-08 "The Persons We Were"

Josan: 2005-05 "Snape and Son"; 2009-09 "The Diary"

Julian_black: 2007-11-25 ART "Upstairs at Spinner's End"

Juxian Tang: 2009-03 "Lukewarm"

Kalena: see Imkalena

Karasu_Hime: 2005-09 ART "Harder"; 2008-03 ART "Birthday Kiss"; 2009-05 ART "Kobal Walls"; 2009-08 ART "End of Summer"; 2010-04 ART "All Day, Every Day, For the Rest of our Lives"

katzenhai: 2006-01 "For all Joy wants Eternity"

KC: 2009-08 ART for Chapter 4 of "The Awakening: Blood Rites"

Killing Brain Sells: 2007-01 "The Truth"

kinky_kneazle: 2009-08 "Early Morning Music"

Kirasha: 2008-03 "Storm Break"; 2008-07 "We Could Be Heroes"

Kissingchaos9: 2007-03 "Impossible" series

Lady Feylene: 2005-09 "Time Heals All Wounds"

ladyjaida: 2006-04"Disasters"

Laylah: 2005-09 "Because I Do Not Hope"

Leni Jess: 2005-08 "All Creatures Light and Dark"

lizardspots: 2006-12 "My Rules"; 2007-02 ART "Fama Annus Sulum"; 2009-03 ART "Yes, master"

Lookfar: 2009-03 "You"

lordhellebore: 2008-10 "A Long Goodbye and a Slow Becoming"

lore: 2009-08 "Resucitating"; 2010-01 "When the Key Turns"

Louise Lux: 2005-12 "Nothing Like the Sun"

Luckykitty: 2005-09 "In Sickness"

Lyntek: 2008-04 ART "Tension on Ice"

lysa1: see snapelike

maelipstick: 2006-03 "Prisoner of Azkaban Outtakes"

magnetic_pole: 2007-11 "The Universe is a Procession" (remix)

Marginaliana: 2008-03 "Mooning Over The Mariphasa"

MARiKaART: 2009-12 ART "Seduction"

Marlene: 2005-10 "I Kiss Your Cup"

McKay (also scribbulus_ink): 2005-04 "Turn About"; 2005-05 "The Way of the World"; 2007-07 "Tempest Tossed"; 2008-05 "Another Kind of Fandom Wank" (w/arionrhod); 2008-07 "It's a Wonderful Life, Severus Snape" (w/arionrhod); 2008-11 "The Sultan and the Storyteller" (w/arionrhod); 2009-05 "We Are Family...and Homicide Isn't an Option"; 2009-09 "A Chaos of Deep Passion" (w/arionrhod), 2009-08 "In Clothes A Wantonness"; 2009-10 "Star Quest: Close Encounters" (w/arionrhod); 2010-02 "Spark"

mechaieh: see bronze_ribbons

Mi (aka Mi_uke): 2009-01"Care" and "The Art of Being Nice"

Mieronna: ART 2007-09 "A Sound Like the Dashing of Hope"; ART 2008-08 "The First Kiss"

Minx: 2007-01 "Unexpected Performances"

miraminx: 2005-10 "A Little Out Of Tune"

Misty: 2009-07 "Dirty Rotten"

Mnemosyne(1): 2007-07 "Two Roads Diverged"; 2008-05 "Letters: A Love Story in Two Parts"; 2009-11 "Get Stuffed, Snape!"

Moonflower: 2004-12 "The Saturday Interview: Severus Snape"

Mousapelli: 2007-09 "There Is No Spoon"

MusIgneus: 2005-05 "Male Bonding"; 2005-07 "Shopping List"; 2005-08 "A Short Measure" series; 2006-12 "Paradise Enough"; 2007-01 "Smoke Instead of Sunlight"; 2008-07 "Not All Roads Lead Home"

Nehalenia: 2008-01 "To Drive the Cold Winter Away", 2008-02 "Possession"; 2010-03 "An Awkward Path Towards Grace"

nepenth: see KC

Nimrod_9: 2008-10 "Love, Lust, and Surrender"

Nitro: 2006-04 "Of Monsters"

_noesumeragi_: 2007-09 ART Untitled

Odella: 2007-03 ART Untitled

OdoGoddess: 2007-11 "Much Less This"; 2009-04 "I Still Do"

omni_sama (also rip_von_christ): 2008-10 ART "Developing a Potion without Taking the Credit"; 2009-08 ART for "Untouched"; 2010-01 ART "For One More Chance"

orangecrushed: 2008-01 "The Ill-Made Knight"

orangenbaum: 2006-03 ART "Thirsty"

overdoseonfreud: 2006-04 "The Perfect Drug"

pen_and_umbra: 2007-03 "Our Masters of the Flesh"

pikkalam_sri: 2009-01  "The Family Way" 

pixychelle 2006-01: "How Severus Snape (Didn't) Kill Nymphadora Tonks"; 2007-11 Through the Looking Glass

Plaid Pooka: 2007-01 "Wolf at the Door"

Pocket Witch: 2005-03 "If He Tries Anything"

Ponderosa121: 2008-10 ART "Emerging", 2009-08 ART "Twelfth Day"

purpleygirl: 2009-04 "On the Shores of Darkness"

qui-quae-quod: 2010-02 ART "Unexpected Thanks"

Razzberry (dazzleberry): 2006-02 "Happiness is Where You Find It"

red day dawning: 2009-11 "Youth is a Disease From Which We May Recover "

rexluscus: 2006-04 ART "The Waltz Continues"; 2006-04 "Please forgive me for the following"; 2007-02 "Night-Blind"; 2007-09 "The Nature of the Beast"

r_grayjoy: 2008-05 "To Keep Calendars in the Absence of Time"; 2009-09 "Innuendo Interrupted"

rillalicious: 2009-08 "Fleeting Moments"

rip_von_christ: see omni_sama

Rose Whispers: 2006-12 "Descending"

Rosanna: 2008-07 "Hang 'em High"

Rosy: 2009-07 "A House Mad From Grief"

Rowen_r: 2004-12 "Strictus Snipe and a Cure for Writers' Block"; 2009-01 "Of All Sad Words of Tongue or Pen"

Rufus: 2008-02 "A Season in Aberdaron"; 2008-08 "All the Way Home"

Sahiya: 2006-02 "Four Christmas Eves Where..."; 2008-02 "Magical Malady" [w/dribom]

Sandrainthesun: 2006-02 ART "Until It Sleeps"

Satsukei: 2010-03 ART "Love Potions"

schemingreader: 2007-04 "Carthage"; 2007-05 "Dances with Werewolves" [w/aleoninc]; 2007-09 "The Nature of the Beast"; 2008-04 "Variations on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (w/busaikko); 2009-10 "Reintroducing the Wolf"; 2009-08 "Sweethearts in the Spring"

scribbulus ink: see McKay

Seeker:  2009-11 "Have you heard the one about..."

senjism or senjy: see the_senjou

severity_softly: 2007-09 "Win Some, Lose Some"; 2008-03 "A Hundred Tiny Threads"

shadowycat: 2009-05 "Raven Black"; 2009-07 "Truth of the Heart"

Sinope: 2005-07 "Thirteen Ways"; 2007-07 "Anything Quite So Unreal"

Skitty Kat: 2008-04 ART "O Grave, thy Victory?"; 2008-07 ART "Bribing the Ferryman"; 2009-01 ART "Untitled" (SnuSa comic for osmalic); 2009-10 "Red Serpent"; 2010-01 ART "Party Spirit"

Skree_ratling: 2008-06 "Like Minds"; 2010-01 "Terrific Two's Summer of Mystery"

SlippedDee: 2010-02 ART  "The Union of Slytherin and Gryffindor"

smoke: see islandsmoke

Snapelike: 2008-02 "24 (A Day in the Life of a War-Hero Werewolf)"

Snapes_Patronus: see Julian_black

Snegurochka (Lee): 2005-11 "Come Back for Me"; 2007-06 "Spy's Challenge (winner takes all)"; 2007-09 "A Sound Like the Dashing of Hope"; 2007-10 "I Will Walk with My Hands Bound"; 2008-05 "The Rose Petal"; 2008-10 "On the Proper Appreciation and Manipulation of Pricks"; 2008-11 "Cheat"; 2009-03 "Yes, master"; 2009-04 "The Blue Door"; 2010-04 "Five Conversations About a Revolution"

Snowballjane: 2005-04 "Trying"

Sor_bet: 2008-03 "A Sea Change By Way Of A River"

Sparrowhawk: 2005-04 "Such Civil War"

srichard: 2006-12 "Absinthe Sunrise"

StellaPen: 2008-07 "You'll Get to be Happy"

syne: see mnemosyne1 

taintedwicked (a/k/a Tainted Pink): 2008-01 "Choices To Live With"

Tbranch: 2009-05 ART "The Mummy"

tetsubinatu: 2009-04 "Missing, believed dead"

TGPretender: 2009-09 "The Other Side of the Mirror"

Thamiris: 2005-05 "...Lies in the Rookery"

the_senjou /Senjy: 2007-10 "Primary Care"; 2008-01 "(Not) The Sound of Music," "A Drop of Golden Sun" and "A Name I Call Myself" (= the NTSM series); 2008-10 "Once More with Tango"; 2009-03 "This is for us"

theladyfeylene: 2006-12 "History Repeats"

thescarletwoman: 2007-03 "The Bargain"; 2007-09 "Why Choreographers Should Never Wear Spandex"

thesnapelyone: 2008-03 "Dark Wizards Anonymous"

The Treacle Tart: 2004-12 "Evolution"; 2005-03 "Quarantine"; 2005-11 "Still Life"; 2005-12 "The Nine Lives of Severus Snape"; 2007-03 "Every Snupin Ever Written"; 2007-01 "Midnight in the Owlery"; 2009-02 "Bottoms Up"

tripperfunster: 2009-04 ART "Fear Makes the Wolf Bigger"

twilightsorcery: 2008-11 ART "Reflected"

Undun/Undunoops: 2006-02 ART "Master and Wolf"; 2008-01 ART "New Year's Resolution #4"; 2007-03 ART "That Stubborn Strength"; 2009-08 "Recovery"

underlucius: 2007-05 "Shoulders of Giants"

unsymbolic: 2008-01 "The Life You Save May Be Your Own"

valis2: 2008-11 "Haiku series"

vibishan: 2009-05 "Falconlord"

Violet: 2005-07 "Marks"

violet_quill: 2006-12 "The Snupin Scramble"; 2007-02 "Wolf Masterson in The Naughty Professor IV: Prefect's Revenge"

werewolf_lib: 2008-07 "The High Cost of Living"

westernredcedar: 2007-09 "The Altar"; 2007-11 "Twelve Nights, Or You Will What?"; 2008-02 "Remedy"; 2008-10 "That Dear Octopus"; 2009-02 "An Ecstasy of Fumbling"; 2009-11 "Depth of Focus"; 2010-04 "Why Severus Snape Might Have to Shout 'Yoda' in the Midst of Battle"

woldy: 2009-02 "The Inverse of Hormesis"

Xochiquetzl: 2005-08 "Adagio"

xterm: 2007-10 ART "The Fallen"

Zagara: 2009-01 "A Book You Read in Reverse"

zephre: 2010-04 ART "Anniversary"

Zillah: 2005-05 "An Ordinary World"


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