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Archives and Communities

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Please do not list personal websites or individual fic/art communities on this page. Instead, add those to the Artist websites or Author websites page.


The links on this page are all Snape/Lupin-oriented archives and communities. To qualify for inclusion on this page, the archive or community must generate a significant amount of Snape/Lupin content.



Archives and Communities:




Moonshadow - the Snape/Lupin automated archive. This is the archive for the ship, where you can find the largest collection of Snape/Lupin stories (and art) online complete with a search engine.


The Snupin Library - a link list of fan-chosen classic and favorite stories of the ship. A good starting point for new shippers.


Snupin Themes - a link list of RL/SS stories categorized by theme.


The Snupin Santa Fest Archive - the eFiction archive housing stories and art from the Snupin Santa Holiday Fest.


The Master and the Wolf - the archive for the Snape/Lupin FQF.


The Parapet - This is the oldest Snape/Lupin archive in the fandom, but it's currently inactive, not having been updated since December, 2003.


Wolf and Raven - a Snape/Lupin fanlisting.


The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest archive - Not exclusively RL/SS, but there were quite a few RL/SS stories written for the 3 waves of the Fest.


Snupin Ruslash. Net - a Snape/Lupin site in Russian.


Livejournal Communities:


The Lupin/Snape Lurve Community - the Snape/Lupin community on Livejournal. This is the hub of RL/SS activity on Livejournal with stories, art, recs, challenges, fic searches, and more.


The Snupin Prophet - a Livejournal-based newsletter posted once per week. Although the newsletter is published on Livejournal, it provides links to stories, art, etc. from various websites as well.


Master Wolf Links - a comprehensive list of RL/SS stories and art. Not a rec journal.


Snupin 100 - a ship-specific 100 word drabble community which issues a new drabble prompt each week.


Bigger, Longer, and Uncut - a locked community for writers wanting help and encouragement on their novel-length Snape/Lupin works-in-progress. Currently inactive.


Dark Flowers - a community focusing on Severus/Remus/Lily stories and art.


Pervy Werewolf - a community focusing on kinky Remus stories, art, and poetry of any pairing (het or slash). It isn't RL/SS-specific, but you can find a fair number of stories written in the pairing there. Warning: material posted to this community contains some kind of sexual kink. Note: This community is now friends-locked and closed; all activity has been moved to the Pervy Werewolf community on Insanejournal (see link below).


Lupin 100 - a 100 word drabble community which issues a new drabble prompt each week. It isn't Snape/Lupin-specific, but there are a number of drabbles written in the pairing.


Snape 100 - a 100 word drabble community which issues a new drabble prompt each week. It isn't Snape/Lupin-specific, but there are a number of drabbles written in the pairing.


Remus-Centric - As the name suggests, a Remus-centric community that allows het, gen, or slash stories and art. Not a lot of RL/SS here, but there's a bit.


Bottom!Snape - A community focusing on any Snape-centric pairing in which Snape is the bottom.


Crack Broom - a multi-pairing rec community with different volunteer reccers each month. Snape/Lupin is a featured monthly pairing.


HP Fic List - a community for listing stories by ship.


HP Fic Master List - a community compilation of fanfiction by ship.


Insanejournal Communities:


Lupin/Snape Love Community - This is the Insanejournal mirror community of the Livejournal lupin_snape community.


By Moonlight - Snape/Lupin for 18+. This is the sister community of lupin_snape.


The Snupin Prophet - the RL/SS newsletter


Snupin 100 drabble community


Dark Flowers - Snape/Lupin/Lily


Pervy Werewolf - for stories & art featuring Lupin and sexual kinks


Bottom!Snape - stories & art featuring bottom!Snape


Lupin 100 drabble community


Snape 100 drabble community


Daily Deviant - a kink-centric community with monthly challenge prompts. Generally sees a fair amount of RL/SS.


Mailing Lists:


Lupin Snape Slash


Snape N Lupin

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